August 9, 2019

We've been in Season 1 now for about a month. As a new server we've seen some pretty good growth and I'm hoping that trend continues. I would love to see 50-80 people on the server at any given time of day.

Now that my other programming project is coming to a close I can refocus my efforts on the mods for the server. I've added some little things here and there, and tweaked some of the existing mods a little to make them more responsive and hopefully more reliable.

My main focus now is on the PvP mod, BattleManager. A basic framework for the mod is in place, now I just have to fill in the gaps and implement the interface into it.

More will be posted as soon as the mod gets closer to being ready to test.

Currently active mods

  • OCS - Offworld Cargo Storage
  • AB - Alliance Bank
  • DWO - Special Commands
  • FA - Faction Commands
Mods in Development

  • BattleManager - Specialized PvP Mod. This mod will take the approach of a more civilized era where battles were (for the most part) scheduled. Opposing forces would spend days preparing to fight each other on a chosen piece of land, they would meet, line up, and begin their organized battle for their territory. Ok, this won't be exactly like that, but it will control the chaos a little and keep things more fair and balanced. (not affiliated with Fox News)
  • Jobs Board - Bringing supply runs and commerce to the galaxy one job at a time. More details will come to light on this when it's further along on development.
  • Custom Reset - I'm looking into how the mod APIs can be used to handle the Terrain and POI resets a little better. Specifically, I'm looking into preserving placeables when the Terrain is reset, and leaving a POI alone if a player has claimed it as a base.
More to come as the game itself evolves and more ideas spring forth.


Everyone gets rewards. Come visit the website every day and grab your Daily Loot reward, plus get a reward every time you vote for Distant Worlds Online at Just log in here and click on the links in the upper right of the Dashboard and your rewards will be delivered in-game within a few minutes.

You can also get rewards by helping us out, if you can. We've started a Patreon page to help out with the expenses of running a game server and it helps keep me motivated to make more mods and keep fresh content coming your way. I'm currently spending 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week working on the server files, mods, and game content, so if you are able to help out, please check out the Patreon page and choose a tier that works for you. If you can't, that's ok too. The rewards have been specifically chosen so that they don't provide an unfair advantage in the game, but they are nice to have.

The lowest tier on the Patreon page is $1, and the highest is $10 per month. I've spent some time carefully considering what rewards to give as I DO NOT want this to be considered a "Pay-to-Win" server. That's not at all what this is about. It's about helping cover the costs of keeping the servers running.

So if you are able to help out, follow the link below and check it out.

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