Empyrion Servers Shutting Down
Feb 18, 2020

It is with great sadness that I must admit I no longer have the time to manage the Empyrion servers and complete the Mod programming that I so badly wanted to.

I could list off the reasons, but it really just boils down to time. Managing and monitoring the servers when they are busy is a full time job in itself, and trying to do some of the Mod programming in the midst of that and working part time (which is slowly inching towards full time) I just couldn't keep up.

It's possible that I'll try this again when Empyrion is closer to release and the Mod API is more mature. This seems to be the pattern for many players and some servers. While progress is made with each new update, after a while it just doesn't seem like enough.

Patrons I've suspended the Patreon payment processing so you have the opportunity to remove your pledge. Once all the pledges have been removed I'll shut down the Patreon page.

Thank you all for your support. It was a great adventure with some great people.

Take care, and have fun.