Rules and Policies

Distant Worlds Online or DWO - Is a sole proprietorship owned and operated in Aloha, Oregon.

Service or Services - Includes the services provided by Distant Worlds Online for guests and players, which encompasses the website at, any attached forum or public chat area contained on or attached to the site, the Distant Worlds Online Discord server, and any of the Empyrion - Galactic Survival game server(s) hosted and run by Distant Worlds Online.

These rules and policies defined below are meant to keep the interactions between players peacefull so that everyone can enjoy the game. Distant Worlds Online at it's sole discretion reserves the right to place a player in timeout, kick them from any of the services, or ban them temporarily or permanently from any one, or all of the services.

Family Friendly:
Above all, these services are provided for family friendly entertainment. There can and will be people of all ages playing the games on our servers and visiting the forums, chats and Discord channels we host. You are expected to keep the language clean and respectful in public channels.

This means:
  • No swearing.
  • No abusive language.
  • No threats of physical harm.
  • No sexual or suggestive content.
If both parties feel like having an argument, take it to a private channel. However, be aware that everything is logged, even deleted posts and private channels. We are providing these methods of communication for the game and it's content and reserve the right to log and record every interaction.

No Selling of any kind for Real World Money

You are free to trade in-game items for other in-game items either by bartering with another player or using the built-in market. You are free to sell items, ships, or blueprints for in-game credits. However, selling any in-game items, ships, blueprints, or in-game assistance for real world cash in strictly prohibited and will get you banned.

Privacy and Personal Information

We respect your privacy and we do not collect any information about you that isn't given to us by the Sign In Through Steam API. From this we only gather your 64bit Steam ID, your Steam Avatar and Steam Persona (in-game nickname). We use the Steam ID to validate who you are so we can link your website profile with your in-game profile for the display of statistics and the presentation of rewards. The Avatar and Persona are used to convey relevant information about your participation in the game.

Be aware that all communications in-game, on the website, in the forum, on the Discord server are logged both for your protection and ours. We will not share this information with anyone unless legally required to do so.


The content on this website is provided for entertainment purposes in relation to the game server(s) hosted by Distant Worlds Online. By your use of the services provided you agree that Distant Worlds Online and it's owners, agents, volunteers, suppliers and affiliates are not and cannot be held liable for any damages of any kind, real or perceived, by your use of the services.

The services by Distant Worlds Online are provided "as-is" and are not guaranteed or warranteed for any particular use or purpose.

There may be times when the services are not available, either for maintenance or for reasons beyond our control, such as internet service outage or power outage. Distant Worlds Online will make every effort to restore the services as quickly as possible, however, you hereby agree that Distant Worlds Online, it's owners, agents, volunteers, suppliers and affiliates are not and cannot be held liable for your loss of use of said services.


You hereby agree that any legal dispute will be resolved by means of arbitration, and said arbitration will take place in and be bound by the laws and ordinances of Washington County, Oregon.


At any time you may request that your information be removed from our site. At that time all data pertaining to you, including but not limited to, website visits, game activity, chat activity, Discord activity and any other activity relevant to the services will be archived and removed from public access.

If you opt-out but wish to continue to play Empyrion - Galactic Survival on our servers we will keep only your Steam ID on file with a flag to signify that we will not retain any other data about you outside of what the game maintains to provide you with a playable character in-game. NOTE: This does not apply to chat communications in-game. Chat communications data will always be logged and archived. Archives will be kept for a minimum of 1 year.

If you opt-out and then return to the website and log in, we will assume that you no longer want to opt-out and we will begin retaining statistical data on your in-game activity and include your Steam Persona (in-game nickname) in publicly accessible lists. You can still opt-out again at any time.

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