Server Commands

Most of these are custom commands from Mods written by us.

Offworld Cargo Storage

Everyone gets 1 Offworld Cargo Storage unit. It is a virtual cargo box with 49 spaces that hold whatever you want to put in it. This is a good place to store all the items you might need if you die and are stranded somewhere with nothing. It's also a good place to put important items that you don't want to lose in a battle.

For those that are Patrons of Recruit level or higher, any items you put in them are safe from server wipes.

  • OCS:? or OCS:help - Shows this list of commands
  • OCS:1 - Opens OCS Container 1
  • OCS:x - x = 1-4 for Patrons of Recruit level or higher

Alliance Bank

The Alliance Bank is available to everyone at any time with no fees. However there are some limitations. Everyone is able to deposit up to 500,000 credits. These credits are safe from fresh starts and resets, but are not safe from server wipes.

For those that are Patrons of Recruit level or higher, you have access to a higher deposit limit, and your credits are safe from resets and wipes.

  • AB:? or AB:help - Show this list of commands
  • AB:INFO - Shows your current balance and account details
  • AB:GET:x - Withdraws x amount of credits from your account
  • AB:PUT:x - Deposits x amount of credits from your account

Faction Commands

These are commands available only if you are in a faction.

  • FA:SUPPLY - Gives you a small supply drop. Can use once per week.
  • FA:SCAN - Scans the current playfield and displays everything on the map for 10 minutes. This command has a 30 minute cooldown before you can use it again.
  • FA:INFO - Tells you when you can next use FA:SUPPLY and FA:SCAN and show you the faction's bank balance.
  • FA:AB:GET:x - Withdraws x credits from the faction bank account.
  • FA:AB:PUT:x - Deposits x credits into the faction bank account.
The Faction bank account commands are only available to faction Admins or Founders. Members can see the balance with the FA:INFO command.

DWO Commands

Some helpful commands to keep you going.

  • DWO:SPAWNSV - Spawn a Free One-Time starter SV.
  • DWO:LOWERSHIP - Stand under your ship that's stuck in the sky and issue this command. Your ship will come down to you.
  • DWO:PVPWARN:ON/OFF - Enables/Disables Warnings when entering a PvP Playfield.

There is more to come, but that's it for now.