There are a few things you can do to earn rewards with Distant Worlds Online. While none of the rewards are anything that would give you an unfair advantage in the game, they are a simple way for us to say Thank You for playing, supporting, and becoming a member of our gaming community.

Voting on
If you like what we are doing, vote for us as often as you can. The higher our ranking on the server list, the more people will join and the more fun it will get. Once your vote is confirmed our mod will send you a reward in-game. It won't be a lot, but just a little something to help you on your journey.

Daily Loot
This is another small thank you for playing and visiting the website. Visiting the site gives us more hits and can contribute to boosting our search engine rankings. So for helping us attract more players we offer a little reward called Daily Loot.

Offworld Cargo Storage
You can think of this as a sort of Virtual Self-Storage. Everyone gets 1 OCS Container to store your most valuable items in. If you warp into a PvP sector and find yourself surrounded by enemy ships and realize you don't have enough fuel to turn around and warp away, throw all your valuable stuff into your OCS Container before the end comes and you will be able to retrieve your items when you respawn.

Alliance Bank
The Alliance Bank is a place where you can put your credits for safe keeping. So for example if you happen across a gold deposit on a PvP planet and you want to make sure you don't lose it if you're attacked, convert it to coins and deposit it in the Alliance Bank, which is available everywhere. Now your money is safe and you can continue on without worry.

Patron Benefits
We created the Patreon page not to get rich but to cover the costs of running the servers. Running these servers is my full time job. I'm heavily invested in the server hardware and in the time I've spent programming the mods and putting together the custom content and scenarios that are interlinked on the servers.

If you are able to help out and become a Patron, fantastic!!

If you aren't able to, that's ok too. No pressure, seriously.

The rewards for being a Patron give you access to more Offworld Cargo Storage containers, and increases your deposit limits. If you are a Recruit level Patron or higher then the Offworld Cargo Storage and your Alliance Bank Credits will remain between wipes.

So as you can tell, it's a nice reward to have, but the primary reason to become a Patron and contribute to our efforts is to help us keep it going and growing because you like it and you want us to continue to make it bigger and better.

Become a Patron