Server Schedule

The Schedule is always subject to change.

Daily at Midnight Pacific Time

  • Full backup of the SaveGame

Every Thursday at Midnight Pacific Time

  • Starter systems (Planets and Orbits) Terrain, Resources and POIs are reset
  • All Planet and Orbit POIs are reset. Don't build your base in a POI

Also Every Thursday at Midnight Pacific Time

  • Terrain, Resources and Asteroids will be reset in the following order
    • Week 1 - Clusters 1 and 7
    • Week 2 - Clusters 2 and 8
    • Week 3 - Clusters 3 and 5
    • Week 4 - Clusters 4 and 6
The Maps have been updated to show the cluster numbers.
Soon I'll incorporate a chat command into the mix that will let you know
which clusters will be involved in the next reset day.